Premiers jours et premières pensées de Paris

Bonjour tout le monde,

So, I’m Lisdye, but I’m sure most of you knew that already. I’ve lived in Tucson my entire life, and I arrived in Paris yesterday for a whole semester. That’s right, I’m swapping peanut butter for Nutella, sun for rain, and my Jeep Liberty for a Navigo pass. I’m so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity (shoutout to my mom and dad, los quiero mucho!) I’ve had quite an eventful three days since I left, so I’ll start with the 17th.

le 17 août: My flight from Tucson took off at 7:10, so that was fun. I arrived in Phoenix, and I’m talking to my roommate, Elyssa, and she texts me saying that our landlord emailed her telling her our apartment was no longer available. So, I’m in Phoenix Sky Harbor, right next to my gate, and I’m about to go into panic mode. We didn’t get so much as an explanation about why we weren’t allowed to rent the place. Here we were, so excited that we finally found a place to live and less than 24 hours before our arrival, we were homeless again. Basically, I was so desperate to find a place that I almost bought wifi on the plane to search for a place. Elyssa’s mom talked to our landlord and he said the place was available, but that we wouldn’t be able to move in on the 18th since there was no hot water. So, that was settled. Anyways, my flights were pretty calm, other than this girl who basically had her ass on my leg the whole flight and this little girl pushing her feet up against my seat almost the whole way to Paris.

le 18 août: Arrivée ! I got into Paris around 9h, went through customs, got my luggage, and went to the youth hostel, which was in the 1er arrondissement, right next to the Louvre. I had to wait to put my bags in my room until 14h30, but that’s okay. I walked to the Carrousel du Louvre to get to the Apple Store, since SURPRISE! I forgot my travel adapters. Typical. I always forget something. I kind of just took it easy yesterday and just walked around and explored a bit. I found the cutest little jardin when I got lost, which was great. Overall, pretty good day, despite not being able to move into my apartment.

aujourd’hui, le 19 août: ~*~NEW PARIS LOWS~*~ I stood on the side of the street at 7h just to connect to free wifi/I bought overpriced hot chocolate for wifi when I checked out of my hostel. Elyssa and I were meeting with Terry, our landlord, to get our keys and contract finalized. So, I obviously needed money. I went to BNP Paribas since it’s a partner bank with Bank of America and when I tried to get enough money out, I couldn’t. I tried to get to two other banks, and the same thing happened. I took a cab to the apartment with the weirdest cab driver I have ever had. He was in his 40s at least, and he was telling me to party with him. So that happened. I get to the apartment building and another guy is telling me that “I am très charmante.” Anyways, Elyssa and I were hanging out, waiting for Terry, and I’m freaking out since I can’t get money. I tried to pay for wifi to use it on my phone, and my card kept getting declined. Today I learned that, despite having a travel notice, if you are desperately trying to get a lot of money, your bank will freeze your account. Kind of expected, but still, another thing to add to the reasons why I’m stressed. Terry tells us to tell him when we are ready. I’m trying to get money wired to me from my dad, and by the time I get my money, Terry tells us his grandma’s been in an accident and that he had to leave Paris and doesn’t know when he’ll be back so he told us it is best to look for a new place. So, we’re back to square one and we are homeless again. Oh, and here’s a funny story: earlier I’m in an internet café trying to get some information from my dad about the money, and this guy comes up to me and is like “Hola” so I awkwardly said hi and starts asking me where I’m from, my name, and how old I am as I’m trying to get ahold of my dad. Then, he nudges his phone into my elbow so that I will give him a) my phone number, b) my email, or c) my Facebook until he finally gives up and leaves. I know you are all thinking that I’m making up the fact that I got hit on by three men, but I really don’t think I’m creative enough to make this up.

Anyways, I’m stressed and excited, and it still hasn’t hit me yet that I’m living in Paris this semester.



(Ps. here’s a picture of la Tour Eiffel from the Louvre, go crazy.)


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  1. Stephanie Alonso says:

    MON DIEU!!! That was a crazy 3 days. I hope you find a place soon. and I have no doubts you were hit on by three men. 😉


  2. Merciiiii ma belle ! It was definitely weird.


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