Things fall into place

Okay so today we got an email from Guy about the apartment. Unfortunately, he had to change the rent because we were only going to stay for four months, and it would have been about 1330 € every month. That’s a lot of money for us to have come up with overnight. It was definitely cute, and we would have loved to have been Guy’s neighbors, but it’s too much. We checked out of our hotel today because Elyssa’s cousin offered to house us for a while. Today, while we were waiting for Elyssa’s cousin, we went to Bois de Vincennes. It was so beautiful! There were kids riding ponies, and there are boats taking you to a little island. Oh, and when we were on our way back to the hotel to get our bags, we got whistled at. European men are very forward…

When Elyssa and I got to her cousin’s house, we went to the bathroom and accidentally used air freshener instead of soap. Oops. So, we saw a studio today in the 18ème arrondissement, near Montmartre. It was really cute, and for a studio, really spacious. We were waiting for the landlord to get there, and Elyssa looks over and sees three kids drop their pants in front of La Banque Postale to pee. Like, neither of us have ever seen anything like that, soooo that’s weird. Anyways, back to the apartment: Elyssa was almost positive we wouldn’t get this place, and I was feeling pretty doubtful myself, since there were two couples who were older and seemed to have everything in place. Butttttt, keep your dreams alive kids, because he is going to rent the place to us. We’re going to meet with him tomorrow to give him the money and get the keys.

Oh and on our way back, I got stopped by a man so that he could say “You are a very, very beautiful woman.” THIS NEEDS TO STOP. I’m way too awkward for all of this attention. After we got back, Elyssa and I went to a play called Revenir Un Jour, which is a play her cousin produced about the reunion of a boy band. It was pretty funny, but we also were super tired and almost fell asleep a couple of times, despite us liking it. Then, we went to dinner, and now we’re back. So, basically, today was a great day. And now I’m going to bed because our Welcome Programme at Sciences Po starts tomorrow morning at 9h !




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