Bienvenue à Sciences Po !

Today we finally started the Welcome Programme. We had to be there at 9h…way too early. Anyways, Sciences Po is on 27 Rue Saint Guillaume, in the 7ème arrondissement. We had an orientation where they just kind of told us the basics of Sciences Po, and the President of the school introduced himself to us and everything. Also, on a side note: did you know that five of the past six Présidents de la République are Sciences Po alums? No pressure, right? Then we went off and got into our groups, which were assigned to us before we got there. My group is called Luxembourg, and our group leader’s name is Clémence. We all introduced ourselves and said what country/school we came from. When it came to me to introduce myself, I did the usual “Hi I’m Lisdye, I’m from the States, and I go to the University of Arizona.” This guy in my group just looked over at me with great enthusiasm. We finished our games and everything early, so Clémence took us out for a tour of the 7ème, which is a pretty chic neighborhood, with boutiques like Yves Saint-Laurent, Fendi, Le Bon Marché, etc. It’s really nice. Anyways, we came back to Sciences Po to get our lunch, where I had a veggie sandwich that was actually pretty gross. But during lunch, that guy in my group came and talked to Elyssa and I and he was so excited that we went to U of A. Apparently, he’s partied there, and so he thinks we’re crazy drinkers or something. So, in case you were wondering, Paris is Wildcat Country.

Oh, and just for the record, we’re still homeless. We ended up not getting the apartment in the 18ème because it’s in a ZUS (zone urbaine sensible) and it’s not really safe for us to be living there. Plus, for a ZUS, it was expensive. And if you’re familiar with Paris and know metro stops, our apartment was like 30 meters from Barbès-Rochechouart. But great news! Elyssa got an email from Guy telling us that he’d negotiate the price of the apartment in the 15ème, so we gave him an offer. He hasn’t responded, but hopefully he will soon. After the programme ended for the day, we went to a café for drinks. It was only 15h45, but it’s 5 o’ clock somewhere. ~*~NEW PARIS LOW~*~ Elyssa and I took a four hour nap and when we got up, we were really hungry, so we went to McDo for dinner because it was the only place open. I know, we’re pathetic. What are you going to do?




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  1. Stephanie Alonso says:

    lol “Paris is Wildcat Countrly” 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s true, UA is everywhere 🙂


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