Première soirée à Paris et un dimanche aux parcs

So Saturday morning, I was supposed to go to le Quartier Latin but since I slept in, I missed it. We kind of took it easy on Saturday since we decided we wanted to go out on Saturday night to a club called Wanderlust, which is in the 13ème arrondissement and overlooks the Seine. We tried opening up bank accounts, but we couldn’t. So we thought we had settled on a negotiated price with Guy about the apartment, and we were waiting for him to email us. We went out to the market to buy food to make. So yeah, we made our first meal, so that was pretty exciting. And by made, I mean heated up water for the raviolis and heated up sauce from a bottle from the store. But that’s okay, we finally didn’t eat out. Anyways, we got ready and we went out. We got cat called twice by the same guy so that was fun. NOT.

Okay so in Paris, most people go out around the time the metro closes (2h30) and come back around 6h (the metro reopens at 5h30). We were going to do that, butttt we didn’t want to be out too late and we didn’t want to pay a 10 € cover. Elyssa posted in a Facebook group that we were going, and we ended up meeting up with four girls: three from the States and one from Slovakia. Stephanie, Mikaela, and Camille were the girls from the States and Lucia was the girl from Slovakia. It was a lot of fun being a group of just girls going out. So, we left a little late, and we barely made it to the metro station in time to catch the second to last metro to Elyssa’s cousin’s house.

Sunday morning, we went to a picnic at Parc des Buttes-Chamont, in the 19ème. It was so pretty! It was like a potluck, so everyone was supposed to bring food from their country. Sorry people, but I’m not going to give you any of the peanut butter I brought from Tucson since that’s supposed to last me a semester. The park is sooooo pretty. Afterwards, we went back to Les Lilas and hung out and called Guy because we hadn’t heard from him. Apparently he didn’t get my email and he already rented out the apartment… Then, we went to another picnic. this time in front of the Hôtel des Invalides, which is where Napoléon’s tomb is. Afterwards, Mikaela, Elyssa, and I went to la Tour Eiffel because surprise, Elyssa and I hadn’t gone at all and we’ve been here since last Monday. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day, filled with an introductory methodology class, apartment hunting, and friend making. Can’t wait.




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