Au revoir, les vacances !

So, today was my official last day of summer before school starts. We pretty much did nothing all day. We tried to get our Navigo cards, but apparently, we needed a proof of address so we couldn’t get them since our contract is currently with the bank since we had to get housing insurance on our apartment. So, we get to buy individual tickets until we can buy them tomorrow. Then, we went to H&M (or tried, at least) to get some shoes for the first day of school, because surprise, I forgot my black flats, and of course the one outfit I want to wear tomorrow looks best with black flats. Now, I’m aware that stores close on Sunday, but we thought that maybe if we went to a store in a more tourist-y location (aka, Champs Élysées or Boulevard Haussmann), we’d be able to buy shoes. Wrong. Everything was still closed. We pretty much only ate Miel Pops for breakfast (which, by the way, are the bestttt), so we decided that we needed some food. We went to this place called Hippopotamus, which I think is a chain in France, because I saw one in the 12ème arrondissement and we were in the 9ème. It was pretty good, except I asked for pepper sauce for my frites and it was pretty gross. So, then we went back to Les Lilas and we’ve been blogging, talking to loved ones, etc. This weekend was pretty good though, so here’s a recap:

Yesterday, I went to have lunch with my pen pal from French II (5 years ago), Frédérique. This was especially great, because we’ve known each other for five years, and we’ve kept in touch all of this time, but we had never met in person. Until yesterday. So, that was special. ☺️ We went to a typical French restaurant in the 12ème, and I had moules (clams). Frédérique even taught me how to eat them like a true Française, so that’s great. Then, we walked around, she showed me her place, and then we took the métro to la Place de la Bastille, which is where the Révolution française basically started on le 14 juillet 1789 (now you know why La Fête Nationale is also called Bastille Day). We walked down to the banks of la Seine, and she showed me these really cool arenas where people go and dance salsa, tango, etc. Note to self: go soon. Afterwards, I went to the Bateaux Mouches dock because it was included in our Welcome Programme. Afterwards, Elyssa and I got Greek food near the Quartier Latin and then we went home (yeah, we’re really crazy).


Voici mon amie Fréd !




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  1. Stephanie Alonso says:



    1. Oh you don’t have to worry. I will definitely be going to those arenas soon. 😉


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