La rentrée

Today was the first day of classes. Kind of weird since it’s Labor Day. Actually, if it weren’t for everyone’s Vegas pictures, I wouldn’t have known that it was Labor Day. So, I left early because like I said in my last post, I really wanted to wear black flats. I took the metro to the Champs-Élysées and had enough time to get a little lost, try on, buy my shoes, and take the métro back to Sciences Po. After class, Elyssa and I went to the bank because we left our contract there on Friday and we needed to figure some stuff out. Apparently, when you open up a bank account in France, you have to upload a picture to get a debit card. Then, you get the card in a week. You don’t get a temporary card. Weird, n’est-ce pas ? So, that was nice. Also, I got a carte Navigo finally, so no more individual métro tickets for this girl!

Okay, so I should probably talk about school, since that’s why I’m here in Paris in the first place. So, my first class was a business class, taught in French. It was a little crazy, and sometimes I just didn’t feel like I measured up because all of the other kids were like “Oh, well I did an internship with New York Times/L’Oréal/LVMH/insert other prestigious brand here. Par contre, the professor was really interested in the fact that I had interned at the International Rescue Committee. I was actually able to follow pretty thoroughly, although it would have been nice to have taken a business course in English before doing it in French. Then, I had a three hour break, and then I went to my second class, which is in English, and is the only class that I’m taking in English. This class is called Politics in the EU. It was pretty mindless, and consisted of mostly basic facts about the EU. But, this was nice because Mikaela is in class with me.

So, to sum up my first day at Sciences Po: it was pretty good. I can already tell that it’ll probably kick my ass, but it’ll be an adventure.




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