Updates on my life

Bonjour tout le monde ! It’s been a while since I’ve written an article, and I know you all are just dying to know about new developments in my life, so here goes:

Home: We still don’t have internet in our apartment. We’re getting really impatient, because we’ve been living here for two weeks now and we have yet to have working internet in our apartment. Being students, it’s kind of difficult to not have internet, so we’ve been buying day passes and spending a lot of time at our school.

School: Exposés and dissertations are coming up, but it’s going well. I ended up dropping one of my classes because it wasn’t really what I expected it to be, and also because there was a methodology portion that wasn’t in the syllabus, and I would have had class on Fridays from 19h15 until 20h15. I’m sorry, but I am not up for having Friday night classes. And they were supposed to be sporadic, so my time to travel would have been seriously limited. Other than that, school is good.

Travel: This weekend, Elyssa, Mikaela, Lucia, and I went to Amsterdam. We took the overnight Megabus, and it took us about seven hours to arrive. Elyssa took the earlier bus that day, so we met up with her in the morning and then headed to our bed and breakfast in Bussum, a town outside of Amsterdam. We booked this place through Air BnB, and it was absolutely perfect. The house was so cute, and it was nice staying outside of the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. We also saved a ton of money by staying there since we booked our trip a little last minute. Also, for you students studying abroad but are not yet 21, Amsterdam is like the Las Vegas of Europe, so make a mental note of that. Oh and if you go to the Netherlands, you have to go to Albert Heijn and buy some of their kasebrood. So good.

Love life: lol who are we kidding? I’m forever alone.




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