Is it les vacances yet?

Salut !

So these have been a crazy couple of weeks, but also a fun couple of weeks. I feel like I’ve been running around a lot, which is a good thing, because I feel like I’m pretty lazy.

We still don’t have internet activated in our apartment. Apparently, our line has been activated, but we just keep running into obstacles that prevent us from actually having internet. This last one is a funny story, though. So, after about a week and a half after we get our Freebox in the mail, our line was finally activated and ready to work in our apartment. So, we follow the instructions (or try, at least). When we thought we connected everything, the modem was still not connecting properly. The little installation booklet was absolutely no help, so I called Free’s customer service. I waited for almost an hour before I got to talk to a representative, only to find out that we never got a part that was needed to install our modem. So, now we’re waiting for it to arrive at a store to pick it up. Hopefully, we’ll have internet this week (but don’t count on it). Maybe we just weren’t meant to have internet chez nous.

How’s Sciences Po, you ask? It’s going well. I presented my first exposé aujourd’hui about the Airbus-Boeing duopoly. And yes, it was en français ! Luckily, I had a partner for this exposé, and he’s French, so he helped a lot. I realized that I planned to turn everything in on the 13 novembre, because I have to turn in a 40 page paper (en français), a test, and an exposé all due on that day. So I’m already planning a huge nap after that day.

So last weekend, my friend Janet came to visit me. She’s studying in Montpellier, in the south of France. It was so fun getting to show her around Paris and also to spend some time getting to see parts of Paris that I myself hadn’t gone to! I also got to meet some of her friends, so I know she’s in good hands. 😉 We went kind of everywhere. Notre Dame, Champs-Élysées, the Eiffel Tower, Centre Pompidou, etc. We also went around and participated in Nuit Blanche, which is basically where Paris turns into a huge contemporary art exhibit. Well, not the whole city, but there are multiple exhibits spread out around the city and you go around and see different works of art. It’s an all-night kind of thing, and there are even métro lines open at the bigger stops for easier travel. It was fun, but we were left a little disappointed (maybe we didn’t do Nuit Blanche right?)

This past weekend, I went back up north to the Netherlands to go visit my cousin and spend some time with the family. I guess it was kind of cute since it was University of Arizona’s Family Weekend as well. I really enjoyed my time with my cousin, my cousin-in-law, and my baby nephew! I finally got to meet him, and he’s a complete sweetheart. 😍 Like I said, we took it easy. I took the TGV (train de grande vitesse) from Paris in the early hours of the morning (6h30). My cousin came and picked me up in Rotterdam, and we went around, did some shopping, and picked baby up from daycare. Saturday, we went to Zaandam and saw some windmills. It was super pretty despite the rain. And baby Humberto was so well behaved for being out and about all day, poor guy. So, then we went back and we hung out and just took it easy. Yesterday morning, my cousin and I went down to the beach and walked around for about an hour. I left last night, but not before I hit up Albert Heijn for some cheese bread, sausage bread, sprinkles, and seedless grapes (Paris only has seeded grapes, so gross). By 22h, I was back in my apartment (gotta love the TGV!)

The best part of studying abroad in Paris, you say? Reaping French benefits, such as their vacation time. I’m on fall break all next week, and since my Thursday classes were cancelled/don’t have class Wednesdays/Fridays, my holidays start tomorrow night at 19h. 😎


Janet et moi au Jardin du Luxembourg




Zaandam, Netherlands





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