Non, je suis pas morte

Bonjour Ă  tous !

I know that I haven’t written a blog post in forever and a day, but bear with me, it’s been a busy month.

School: So first off, when they call the month of November at Sciences Po “November Nervous Breakdown,” they’re not kidding. It’s a complete mess. Everyone has exposĂ©s, exams, etc. So, the month of November is crazy. So I had a lot of exposĂ©s. and actually, in one class, I had two exposĂ©s and a quiz (my whole discussion grade) in one day. So, that was really fun. I also had a French literature midterm AND final, which were just lovely. Not to mention that I had a 10-15 page paper on “crisis in our novel.” I pulled my very first all-nighter in my collegiate career. Abroad. Isn’t that illegal or something? Anyways, it’s all over. This week is “semaine de rattrapage,” which is basically a week dedicated to makeup classes. For example, we all had Veteran’s Day off, so we have to make up those classes. It’s not so bad, especially since all of my exposĂ©s and papers have been turned in. Then, we have finals, and I only have one final on December 12th, so that’s super nice.

Travel: I haven’t traveled outside of Paris since Greece and Italy, unfortunately. Par contre, my friend Mia came to visit me and we got to sightsee and do cute Parisian things. Other than that, I’m going to Prague and Munich after my final.

Internet: HAHAHA we’re actually never going to get internet at our place, so that’s awesome. We went to Free about three times to see what was going on, and it’s our DSL cables that are cut and have to be repaired before we can get internet. So, we just gave up and are just making hot spots with our phones since we have 20GB of data a month.

Also, I go home in 31 days. That’s so crazy. It all went by so quickly! Super sad, but I’m also looking forward to playing with my dogs and eating Eegee’s. Oh, and I guess seeing my family and friends is also a big plus. Oh, and I saw NapolĂ©on’s tomb at the HĂ´tel des Invalides. It’s basically been one of my biggest highlights of my study abroad experience. Pathetic? Maybe, but come on, that’s pretty cool. Also, Elyssa and I prepared a Thanksgiving dinner and had our friend, Lucia, over. We also had dinner with Mikaela’s mom, who was in town. It was really nice meeting her, and she brought us Hot Cheetos and bagels from LA! So sweet. Right now, Paris is being transformed into a winter wonderland, with lights and even a tree in front of Notre Dame! There are lights on the trees of Boulevard Saint-Germain and the Champs ÉlysĂ©es, and also, the Christmas markets are up. It’s gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.


Regardez ! My friend Dieter sent me some Hot Cheetos.


Le tombeau de Napoléon



Our Thanksgiving dinner.





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