Salon du Chocolat

Well, I didn’t think that life in Paris could get any sweeter, but then I went to the Salon du Chocolat

Sorry for the super cheesy intro, but I really couldn’t help myself. Anyways, Frédérique and I went to the Salon du Chocolat on Tuesday. It’s an exposition that comes to Paris every year at the end of October and goes through early November, which is held at the Paris Expo in the 15ème arrondissement. There are about 500 chocolatiers and vendors, from around the world! We decided to go on the last day of the exposition. The entrance was 14€ to get in, but most of the stands let you sample whatever they had! (They are, of course, trying to sell their products)

We went in around 15h (3 pm), so we had about 4 hours to explore and eat as much chocolate as possible. On the first floor, we got to try chocolate from Ghana, Peru, Ecuador, and my beloved Mexico. We also stopped by a beauty stand, where their products were made from cocoa butter. They did a sample of one of their soins (skin treatments), and we were obsessed with how soft our hands were for the rest of the day. Then, we decided to go up to the 1er stage (second floor) to try some more chocolate. Here, there were more vendors, sculptures, and even a stage! And, much to our surprise, there wasn’t just chocolate; there were wine and alcohol vendors as well. We got to sample some wine, as well as a chocolate liqueur-type alcohol (kind of like a Kirsch, but not as strong). The Nestle company had a cute little photobooth, and we had to stop there, of course. Also, I told myself that I wouldn’t buy chocolate, but we stopped by this one stand, and I couldn’t help myself and bought some chocolate from Le Chocolat des Français, mostly due to their packaging. Anyways, around 17h, there was a fashion show featuring clothing made entirely from chocolate! So cool. Afterwards, we decided to head out. Overall, it was definitely worth the money and time we spent there, we definitely enjoyed our time there!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

A chocolate flower bouquet

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The chocolate from Le Chocolat des Français, can you understand why I had to buy some?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



Took a picture of these cakes for obvious reasons

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

My attempt at a super artsy picture to commemorate our time at the Salon du Chocolat ft. the Côte d’Or elephant.





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