La rentrée (kind of)

I know I’m four weeks into the semester, but it’s never too late to talk about school! You all probably thought I was just teaching for an entire year, didn’t you? Nope! I’m also a student at Université de Paris 7. I’m required to, actually as part of my exchange. Last semester, I decided not to take courses because I arrived a week after school started and I wanted to readjust to life in Paris before I had to be a student. So, I have to take 12 ECTS, which translates into 6 units of graduate coursework.

For me, that translates to three courses. I was essentially given free reign on what classes I wanted to take, as long as they were in French. After looking at multiple course brochures, I finally settled on classes in the UFR of Social Sciences. I’m taking Relations Internationales, Genre et Politique, and Art et Société. The classes aren’t super hard to follow, with the exception of art et société, which is only difficult to hear sometimes because my professor speaks quietly and it’s a big room. Other than that, I’m really enjoying them as courses!

And now, my job. As you know, I mostly teach conversation and language lab courses, but this semester, I’m also teaching Traduction et Rédaction professionnelle, which is where I teach them to translate nonfiction texts from French to English. There’s definitely a learning curve to the course, because I’m used to teaching at most 15 students, and there are well over 30 students in the class. In addition, I have to teach them to translate articles, as well as other things. But hey, so far so good!




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