Tulips, a birthday, and cube houses: the Netherlands

First things first: I am done teaching and also with school! I just have to finish grades, but I am basically done.

Anyways, I headed over to the Netherlands to visit my family. As I’ve mentioned before, my cousin has been living near Rotterdam for about 10 years. It was my nephew’s birthday, and I went for his party, and of course to spend some quality time with my family.

I left Gare du Nord around 13h and arrived in Brussels, where I had a 30 minute layover before my next train. I normally take the Thalys TGV from Paris to Rotterdam, but the cheapest ticket for me to get there was to take the Thalys to Brussels and then take the Intercity train to Rotterdam Central. It took me about an extra hour and a half to arrive, but it was totally worth it. I met my cousin-in-law at the station, and we headed to their house, where we ate dinner and hung out.

The next morning, my cousin Vanessa, my nephew, and I headed out to the Keukenhof flower festival. We got there a little later than anticipated and expected to wait hours in line, but we luckily got in quickly. It was so packed, but so beautiful. It’s one of the biggest flower gardens in the world, and it’s only open between March and May. The flowers were basically at their peak beauty, and on top of that, the weather was amazing! (And by amazing, I mean 54 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny) They have so many different kind of floral arrangements, and since this year’s theme was “Dutch Design,” they had arrangements dedicated to Mondriaan and Rietveld. After a few hours, we headed back home and relaxed. If you’re looking at going to Keukenhof, I highly recommend it! It cost 16 euros to get in, and there’s a shuttle that can take you from Amsterdam to the garden.

Sunday was my nephew’s birthday party, and so we spent the majority of the morning preparing, and then, the party. Monday, my cousin made an appointment for me to get a haircut. I got my haircut in Paris about a month ago, but I ended up with uneven layers and so I had to get this fixed. Since most of my friends didn’t know good places in Paris, I decided to trust my hair with the woman who cuts my cousin’s hair. Afterwards, we relaxed and went to the playground so that my nephew could play. Tuesday morning, I left with my cousin to Rotterdam, where I spent the morning in shops (mostly at my beloved TK Maxx) and made my way over to the cube houses in Rotterdam before I left for the station.

Overall, a pretty relaxing trip, but it was so wonderful to see my family and the beautiful flowers of Keukenhof.

Voici some pictures:





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