The Rocky Road to Dublin: Ireland

Bonjour à tous !

After finding a cheap enough flight a week in advance, I decided to finally answer Ireland’s call and hopped on a plane to Dublin.


I had to take two night buses to the airport since my flight left Paris Orly Airport at 6h30, which was a bit unfortunate, but it wasn’t so bad. When I arrived to Dublin, I met up with David, my friend Mikaela’s boyfriend, and we hung out during the day. We went to Trinity College to see the library, but the tickets were 16 euros, and we decided that we didn’t want to spend that much money on the entrance. Instead, we made our way out to Kilmainham Gaol for our tour, which cost 4 euros. After, we grabbed lunch and walked around some more. We met up with Mikaela after her work dinner, and we just talked for a bit since I stayed with Mikaela and David on the couch of their hotel room that night. The next morning, I got breakfast with Mikaela at the hotel before she left for work and then David and I explored some more. We ended up at a green when we saw this event for Green Cola, but it wasn’t supposed to start for another hour or so, so we kept walking until it was time, and we got free lunch and a massage. We met up with Mikaela and went to our Airbnb, and then we met up with my friend Brooke. Our plan was to go to this bar, The Cobblestone and then head to Temple Bar, but since we had a day trip planned, we ended up not making it out to Temple Bar. Oops!


County Clare:

As most people do when they go to Dublin, I took a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. We had to be at the pickup spot at 7h, so that was a little rough. Around 9h, we stopped in Moneygall at the Barack Obama Plaza. It’s basically a gas station with restaurants and a convenience store, decorated for the 44th POTUS. After a 30 minute stop, we headed to the Cliffs of Moher. We arrived around 11h, and despite the weather apps all saying it would be raining, we got one hour of decent weather before the storm rolled in. The cliffs are a definite must-see in Ireland, by the way! I was in complete awe of them, and we got really lucky to have good visibility of them as well. Afterwards, we headed to the Burren on the Wild Atlantic Way, but we only had about 20 minutes there before heading to our final destination on the day trip: Galway.


Mikaela, David, and I walked around the rainy streets of Galway and found ourselves at a market that goes on during the weekends. Afterwards, we went to try some oysters (that David really wanted to try) at McDonough’s. Before we realized it, they had to head back up to Dublin, and I met up with my Irish friends, Martina and Emmet, in Galway. We got dinner at this place called the Chili Shack, and headed back to their place to watch the Eurovision finals. I was pretty exhausted, so I headed off to bed pretty early. The next morning, we met up with some more of their friends and headed to a vintage kilo shop. On our way back, we went to a place called Bite Club for brunch, which reminded me a lot of a restaurant that would be in Tucson. Afterwards, we went to Salthill Prom, on the coastline. We rode some carnival rides, and then sat outside for a pint of beer before heading back to get ready to go out. We went out to the Roisin Dubh, which was a pretty fun bar. The next morning, Emmet had to leave, and Martina and I walked around to NUI Galway and the city before meeting up with some friends and going back to the Roisin Dubh. That was a long night, but it was so much fun! The next morning, I headed out to Cork, but I am so glad I got to spend time with my friends. (Ps. thank you guys so much for the hospitality!)


I made my way into Cork around 15h. Once I checked into my hostel for the night, I went exploring for a bit on my own. I was still pretty tired, but I did get to walk around and see a lot of the city! I went back to the hostel pretty early, but I was able to get an early start. I met up with my friend Valentine, who has been a friend of mine since we were in kindergarten (and did her studies in Ireland). I got to hang out with her a bit before she had to work, and I went to Blarney Castle in the meantime. An old man told me that I was at the right spot to catch the bus, and he even invited me to sit with him once I paid for my ticket. We talked about music, life, and other things before I got off to go to the castle. I went straight up the Castle to kiss the Blarney Stone, and ended up using the Gift of Gab (as if I needed it) right away to talk to some Americans at the top. I bought my picture (don’t judge me) and went off to explore the gardens. Afterwards, I headed back to the city and explored a bit more until Val got off work. Once we met up, we went to her place, but not without stopping for a pint! We ate, got ready, and then went out with people in her class, which was also super fun. The next morning, we decided to take it easy since it was rainy, so we got brunch and then watched movies before heading to dinner with her friends. Before I knew it, it was time for me to head back up to Dublin to catch my flight back to Paris.

Ireland is such an amazing country, and I already cannot wait to go back.




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