Re: coming back, what I’m up to, et ainsi de suite

Coucou à tous et à toutes !

So, on 31 July 2017, I lugged my suitcases down the six flights of stairs and over to Roissy aka CDG airport, and I said « à la prochaine » to the city that I have called home twice now. Now, I know a lot of you still think I’m there, especially because I can’t bring myself to change my location back to Tucson.

“Are you happy to be back?”

This is a loaded question. I’m obviously happy to see my friends and family (and the famous Tucson sunsets!), but I have been very heartbroken about leaving Paris.

“Lisdye, what are you doing now that you’re back? I thought this was a permanent thing?”

Long story short: No, it’s not. I was on a one-year faculty exchange with my uni, and my year was up. As much as it hurt for me to leave, I knew I needed to come back and finish my Masters degree. I have 18 units left, so I will be done in May 2018. I’ve also gone back to my part-time job at TJ Maxx. Between work, school, and the occasional babysitting, I haven’t had much time to myself!

“And then what?”

My future plans: move back to France. I’m also considering going to Austria or Germany, since I took German for two years, and I figured actually getting better at my German will only help in the long run. I’m looking for jobs and opportunities in pretty much anything.

“Why do you want to move back?”

Another long story short: I’m just happier there. I love the pace of life in Europe. I love the fact that people work to live, not live to work. I love that food tastes fresh and there are open air marchés on different days of the week. I love that people just go to cafés and watch the people go by. I love that public transport in Paris is never more than 500 meters away (on another note, I HATE DRIVING!!!). I love that people aren’t rushed to get from place to place. Overall, it’s just what I prefer in life.

And there you have it: a little update on what I’ve been up to in this past month.




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